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Barefoot Farrier

Lightness & Feel




I work with horses based on their instincts through natural methods of communication.

Solid Foundation

To pave the way to a great horse, you have to start with the basics.

Gentle Touch

Through a tactful and thoughtful approach, I work with the horses best interest in mind.




Having grown up in the equine industry, Carson and his family began The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary & Training Center located in Deer Trail, Colorado in 2011. He is a certified Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP Trainer and lends a hand in training for GEMS, as well as his own clients. His mentor, Jessica Dabkowski from La Porte, Colorado, also specializes in training Mustangs and helping owners and their horses become unified. Apprenticing with Philip Himanka, Carson also offers his clients complete barefoot farrier services and believes that a balanced hoof is the foundation of a balanced horse.

“You can never stop learning, and every horse has something to teach you, as long as you listen. My job, more often than not, is to look and listen, then figure out their needs”.

"It's amazing what you can learn after you've learned all that you think there is to learn."



Colt Starting

Whether completely unhandled, or halter trained, but not yet saddle started, I give your horse the right start to ensure they get off on the right foot with a solid foundation.
$1350 45 days

Mustang Training

Mustangs have unique needs when it comes to facilities, handling and training and I work with all stages, from untouched to saddle trained and everything in between.
$900 per month

Problem Solving

No matter the problem, I utilize different ideas and approaches in order to fill in the missing pieces in your horse's training, creating a well rounded equine partner.
$900 per month

Refinement Training

Taking the next steps in your horses training will create the balanced and refined partner you have always wanted, setting them up for lifelong success.
$900 per month

Horsemanship Lessons for Horse & Owner

I facilitate and encourage clear communication between owner and horse in order o to create a solid partnership.
$65 per hour

Barefoot Farrier Work

Having mentored with accredited barefoot farrier, Philip Himanka, I have learned the skillset to create a healthy and balanced hoof.
starting at $60 per horse


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